Before you publish content online: The Checklist

Don’t feel daunted by publishing content with this handy checklist. This should help improve the content you write for the web, both for the user and for your website.

A checklist for publishing online

  1. You know who you are writing for and what you’ve written addresses them in a way they can relate to and understand.
  2. You know what your keyword/s are and you have researched these.
  3. Any images you’re using are relevant to the content and you have already sourced these. If permission is required, you should have already sought this.
  4. It is clear what you expect people to do once they finish reading your content.
  5. There are no dead-ends in your content and your user is encouraged to click elsewhere at the end.
  6. If you have included a reference to another company / organization / individual, you have also included a link to their website / LinkedIn page and told them in advance that you are going to reference them.
  7. The title of your content is eye-catching; it is catchy, creates intrigue.
  8. Your keywords have been strategically placed in your article.
  9. Your page looks visually appealing.
  10. There are no spelling mistakes, capital letters are where they should be and it reads well.


If you’ve not yet written your content, why not take a look at the series of articles ‘How to Write Your Blog Post’. It’s a very good place to start.

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