Birds Eye’s Pay with a Photo Pop-Up

Birds Eye MashtagsI have to applaud Birds Eye for their novel way of thinking. Their latest experiments this year with their ‘Mashtags’ and now their Pay with a Photo Pop-Up Restaurant are commendable if a little flat.

To launch their ‘Food for Life’ campaign, aiming to change the public’s perception behind frozen food, Birds Eye set up The Picture House pop-up in The Ice Tank in Soho where diners can try their new chicken and fish products. Based on research that more than a third of Brits re-arrange their food with the intention of taking a photo and sharing it online, restaurant goers can pay for their food with an Instagram snap.

“Taking photos of food enables people to show off and to share their meal time moments – from the everyday to the very special. We wanted to tap into this trend and create a new reason for people to talk about and sample our Inspirations range.”

Margaret Jobling, Birds Eye marketing director  

Marie Marte, food photographer, is even on hand to give diners tips on how to take the perfect foodie photo.

Birds Eye Pay with an Instagram Snap

The Verdict

It’s an interesting concept and one that will certainly increase its visibility on Instagram. However, at the time of searching, there were only 410 Instagrams tagged with #BirdsEyeInspirations and some of them looked distinctly unappetising. For me, people take photos of food because it looks spectacular and some of the Birds Eye creations look… like frozen food products.

The Birds Eye Picture House is open from 13th May at the Ice Tank, Soho. Just tag your meal with #BirdsEyeInspirations to claim it for free.


Facebook’s Updated Algorithm to Favour Brand Tagging

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes has resulted in more favourable results towards brands that tag other brands in their status updates.

On 24th February 2014, Facebook announced that your brand’s updates can increase their reach by tagging other brands in their status. Whilst great content is one way of growing your likes and pulling in a crowd and will get you more exposure in other people’s news feeds, Facebook has now made it easier to increase your reach even further. If you tag another brand in your update, Facebook may potentially show this update to the tagged brand’s fans and followers as well as your own page’s fans and followers too.

This is what a tagged status looks like.

Facebook Brand Tagging Algorithm Update

As well as showing up in our fan’s feed, Digitally Sorted can also potentially show up in WordPress fans’ feed too, even if they’re not a fan of Digitally Sorted. And vice versa. This has huge potential to significantly increase reach.

However, the emphasis is on ‘potentially’, for Facebook won’t automatically display your updates when you tag another brand. If you’re currently writing a post with half a dozen brands tagged in it, stop now. Facebook’s new algorithm can tell if you’re going tag-crazy. For example, Facebook rates your tagged post as more high quality, the more congruent it is. So, if there’s a lot of people who like Digitally Sorted who also like WordPress then Facebook recognises that there’s something connecting the two pages. Better still, if there’s a lot of people who like WordPress and also like Digitally Sorted. Then, Facebook thinks ‘ah yes, this post would go down well amongst WordPress’ audience.’

What does this mean for brand strategy?

Think about the wider picture. You’ll probably be able to reel off half a dozen of your direct competitors but can you name brands who sit alongside you? What brands live in harmony with you? For example, if you’re a coffee brand, what are other brands that slot in nicely with you? By identifying the occasions when coffee is drunk, you can better work out your ‘friends’.

Coffee is drunk:

  • In the morning. So breakfast brands would be immediate prospects.
  • After a long day. Maybe with a book or a favourite TV Show. Therefore, what are the TV Shows that your audience like? Where would they buy their books from? What books do they enjoy?
  • With cake. Needless to say, what cake brands are often eaten with coffee?

It’s no longer good enough to think that your brand exists in a silo. It doesn’t – it sits along other lifestyle brands and building associations with these only makes your brand stronger.

Co-marketing is fast becoming the smart way for brands, in an ever-competitive and fickle industry to outrank and outreach their competitors.

Smart co-marketing taking advantage of Facebook’s new algorithm will certainly boost brands that are doing it in the ‘right’ way.

But what do you think? Is your brand open to this? As a consumer, would you appreciate seeing related brands’ posts in your feed? Or is that annoying?